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90 days of Strategic Planning 

This 90 day strategic Thrive planner was created for YOU. This planner is a game changer. It was created to help you shift into a growth mindset, maximize your time and set smart goals. Your mind is the precursor to your greatness, this planner helps you take a deeper look into the current condition of your mind so you can see where improvements are needed. 

Believe it or not, the current state of your life is a replica of your mind. "So a man thinks in his heart so is he". Through rewiring your thoughts you will subsequently thrive, not just in your mind but in your relationships, in your business and in your finances.

Your best self is awaiting you, be intentional and consistent with the “mind work” in this planner. Using this planner you will develop a better self.




Vision Boards

Maximizing Your Time Section

Smart Goals Action Plans 

Stress Reliever Pages

Thought Analyst Section

Mindset Shifting Section 

undated Calendars 

Intentional Reflection 

and More



This journal is for the person who is desiring a closer, deeper relationship with God. It will teach you how to make a lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and consecration. It is equipped with weekly strategy sheets, challenges to draw you closer to God, and sections for you to write your sermon and study notes.


With consistency, you will see yokes and bands of wickedness destroyed off of your life. The Weekly Challenges in this book is a fun interactive way for you to strengthen your character, develop fruits and strengthen your relationship with God.


If you have a hard time with consistency, I encourage you to use this journal within small groups, life groups, women empowerment groups, etc.

Entrepreneur Success Kit

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