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About Planning a Better You

We are dedicated to helping you become a better self mind, business, and spirit. Through our workshops, literary material, annual retreats and one on one coaching. 4 out of 5 women who use our services see a manifestation of their goals and vision. 

Consulting & Product Development

Our program focuses on one of these three areas Mind, Business, and Spirit throughout the program we will take a deeper look into who and what is stopping you from living your best life.

    You are going to learn how to plan, strategize, and execute your goals. During our one on one sessions, you will learn to manifest your goals, maximize your time, or development, and produce a branded product line that will help you generate a stream of revenue. Websites, Marketing material, flyers, and logos to emerge your new business. 

     At the conclusion of your sessions, you will have become a better self with added value and enhanced personal skills. 

   Make the step today in the journey of becoming a better you.


 Workshops for Ministries & Groups

     Our workshops are purposefully designed to help you grow personally, professionally, or spiritually. The teachings help you overcome obstacles in which you may encounter in life.

    Each quarter we offer a different set of workshops that are available for group settings and soon online courses. Book now for your Ministry, Women's Group, etc.

Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 Workshops

  • Manifesting Your Goals 

  • Digging into your Purpose & Vision

  • Thrive, Sis 

  • How to Secure the Bag in 5 days with 5 Clients or more

  • Extreme Productivity 

  • Christian Entrepreneurs Getting the Bag


Online Courses & Workshops 

Extreme Productivity Questionnaire

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